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The starting point of our corporate philosophy is based on idea-oriented stance.

Our products

KGS has been manufacturing and developing high solenoids actuators since its founding in 1953. As application range of these products vastly extends from industrial equipment to one for personal use, they are obtaining reputations for high reliability form various industries. Meanwhile in 1980's KGS started selling and developing the Braille cell intended for the visually impaired person. Then, KGS succeeded in producing the computerized Braille display on a commercial basis as an intelligent tool supporting the visually impaired person to take part in an information-oriented society. Such success was the first step towards the current "Braille Family Concept".

Current activities and emphasis

At the moment, KGS is composed of the actuator sector represented by ordinary models and custom-made ones and the VIP (Visually lmpaired Person) sector represented by Braille cell products and Braille communication equipment. KGS has been supplying its excellent products to the worldwide market through both sectors. We started an action to the earth environment measures taking the lead in other companies in this industry and acquired a certificate of environmental management system ISO14001(KGS). In addition, we acquired a certificate of product quality management system ISO9001(KPC), too. KGS will devote itself to supplying more reliable products Furthermore, through the system which considers enough environment and quality to a society based on its fertile technology and idea.

President Ryoji Kudo


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