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Our company establishes an EMS environmental management system) in the active conduct of business to develop, manufacture and sell braille cells and displays for the visually handicapped. The load to the environment is reduced by doing continual improvement with the help of its employees, actively working on the maintenance of the global environment.

* It tries to minimize the effect of our business conduct on the global environment by setting and managing environmental objectives and targets within economical limits and conducting regular reviews to prevent pollution.

* Legal and Other requirements related to the company’s environmental aspects are observed with an independent approach to further preserve the environment.

* The following are the significant aspects with which emphasis is placed in the active conduct of our business.

  (1) Energy conservation by reducing the amount of use of electric power

  (2) Saving resource by reducing the amount of paper used

* It puts this policy into writing, educates all its employees, and promotes it by making its employees, customers and interested parties aware of its environmental policies, measures and activities to maintain and improve its performance on the environment. Moreover, this environmental policy is open to the public.

Ryoji Kudo
KGS Philippines Corporation
June 1, 2016

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